vivo s1 pro – A New smartphone With Amazing Features

Vivo S1 Pro has got a lot to offer the smartphone enthusiast in terms of performance and feature set. It has got the best features that are available on smartphones. It is packed with powerful hardware, impressive screen size and a stunning look that can mesmerize the users. This mobile phone from Google has a lot of impressive features and one of them is the Write now feature which enables you to send text messages, emails and even perform some basic operations like browsing and viewing images.

This smartphone from Google is loaded with the Google Android Kit Kat 4.4.4 which is the latest handset from the house of Google. It has got many unique features that are exclusive to this handset like the Write now feature, inbuilt GPS receiver, dual camera set up, USB port, infrared port, WiFi connectivity and much more. There is a powerful hardware layout and battery capacity which enables you to make the most of your day. Buy vivo s1 pro smart phone is loaded with a Snapdragon 650 chipset and an octa-core system based on ARM core.

The phone has got a unique dual camera set up where the primary camera is placed above the capacitive secondary camera. The picture gets captured automatically when you press on the camera button. This gives you a sense of holding the real photo and enhances the user experience. You can shoot the images as many times you want till you are satisfied with the result. This allows you to save the images in different folders and you can share the photos through e-mail, MMS and several other messenger services.

This handset has got a high definition super amoled display and it is supported by Adreno tech internals. The resolution of the display is 532 pixels and hence you can see everything properly in the screen. You can see the life in your images when you use this device along with its powerful secondary camera. The vivid colors of this handset are made possible by using the Adreno technology which helps in producing deep blacks and bright colors.

In the absence of SIM tray this smartphone can be folded once you need to use it. Apart from this, it has a well-designed home button which  vivo s1 pro makes it easier to use as it does not get pressed while you are typing something on the keyboard. The phone also features a fingerprint sensor for multi-finger payment facility, which further increases the efficiency of this handset. The battery has a fast charging technology and it can charge the battery within 2 hours of purchase.

You can get the Walkmanight software to use the phone even if you have an old version of Android OS as this smartphone has an enhanced user interface, which gives you a visual pleasure. This handset comes with a large color display, a large Super AMOLED capacitive display with a dual tone brightness and wide contrast ratio. The life of the battery is longer than that of the HTC Desire, Motorola RAZR and Nokia E71. With a little bit of effort you can adjust the colors of the screen to make it more attractive.